Tourism In Mandawa

In the center of Shekhawati region of Rajasthan, lies Mandawa, a small yet beautiful town. In the Deserts Mandawa emerges like a Mirage. Mandawa is known and acclaimed throughout the country for its Vintage yet Magnificent Forts and Havelis.It gives the tourist an insight in the Cultural and Social Practices of the bygone era.

The small town of Mandawa was established and fortified by dominant merchant families of the area in the 18th century. The rich constructed many Havelis and Baolis with elegant art and paintings on the walls. When families migrated their old settlement was left with no one to look after them.Despite the time lapse and ignorance about these visual and architectural extravaganzas, their attraction did not fade and today they are some of the major attractions for the tourists visiting Rajasthan.

Top Attractions In Mandawa

Murmuria Haveli :

The Murmuria Haveli was built in 1930s. One can get a good view of the southern external wall of adjacent Double Haveli from the sandy courtyard.

Goenka Double Haveli :

The Haveli has two wings the Southern Vishwanath Goenka Haveli and the northern Tarkeshwar Goenka Haveli. This Goenka family owned Haveli has monumental pictures on the façade.

Binsidhar Newatia Haveli :

This Haveli dates back to 1920s and is situated on the northern side of the Fatehpur-Jhunjhunu road houses. There are fantastically entertaining paintings on the external eastern wall, including a European woman in a chauffeur-driven car, the Wright brothers in flight watched by women in saris, a strongman hauling a car, and a bird-man flying in a winged device.

Chokhani Double Haveli :

The grand Chokhani Double Haveli, dating from 1910, is so called because it was built in two adjoining wings for the families of two brothers. The paintings inside include floral arabesques and peacocks above the archways, as well as the Krishna legends and some mournful British soldiers.

Monica Rooftop Restaurants :

This delightful rooftop restaurant, between the fort gate and main bazaar, serves tasty Indian and Chinese meals and cold beer. It’s in a converted Haveli (traditional, ornately decorated residence) but only the facade, rather than the restaurant itself, has frescoes aka watercolor wall paintings.

Seth Dayaram Dedraj Goenka Haveli:

Several Mandawa Havelis (traditional, ornately decorated residences) belong to the wealthy Goenka family. Among them is Seth Dayaram Dedraj Goenka Haveli, which has a composite picture that shows either Indra (the most important Vedic god) on an elephant or Shiva on his bull Nandi, depending on which way you look at it.

Few More Attractions In Mandawa

Mohan Lal Saraf Haveli :

This Haveli (traditional, ornately decorated residence) features a depiction of a maharaja grooming his bushy moustache on the south wall. There’s fine mirror- and mosaic-work around the door to the inner courtyard, and Surya, the sun god, can be seen over the lintel.

Lakshminarayan Ladia Haveli :

This Haveli (traditional, ornately decorated residence) features a faded picture of a man enjoying a hookah, and a good procession frieze on its western wall. Other pictures include that of Rama slaying Ravana (demon king of Lanka, now Sri Lanka).

Jhunjhunwala Haveli :

This Haveli advertises its 'golden room', nan impressive gold-leaf-painted room, to the right once you have entered the first courtyard.

Harlalka Well :

The impressive Harlalka Well, marked by four pillars and its old camel ramp. It is very deep – take care!

How to Reach Mandawa

    By Air

    The nearest charter airport is Jhunjhunu, the largest city in the region and the district headquarters. Jaipur is the nearest airport for regular flights. Many domestic airlines operate out of Jaipur and connect it with other cities in the country.

    By Road

    Road network is present in the entire area of Shekhawati. Mandawa as well is well connected with other tourist places in the region which the tourist can access by either personal vehicle as well as Government buses.It is a good idea for groups of four or five persons to hire taxis to move around the place.

    By Train

    Jhunjhunu is the nearest and the most convenient railway station one can take for nearby tourist places like Sikar, Jaipur, and Delhi. Also it is well connected to the rest of the country pretty well

Best Time To Visit In Mandawa

Similar to most parts of Rajasthan, Mandawa also has an extreme climate. The Summers are very hot with temperature rising up to 41° and the during winters it gets very cold with temperature falling below 10°. Mandawa experiences an annual rainfall between 45cm to 60cm.
Best time to visit : October to March