Places To See And Things To Do In Kolkata

Welcome to Kolkata the capital of Bengal also the former capital of British India. It is one of the largest Indian cities with the one of the eldest places. Kolkata is the city of Bengalis, the city of food, pioneer in the field of drama art theater and literature,It is the only city in India which has tram and was the first city to have underground metro. Kolkata is something more than you can imagine. A city of commerce, transport, and manufacture, Kolkata is the dominant urban Centre of eastern India.The city is fashioned by the Britishers in the colonial time which makes it an interesting place for people with historical interests. Kolkata is a port city with a subtropical climate. Here we explore the best local and cultural sights and activities. Now let’s take you around the things to do and see in Kolkata.

Top Attractions In Kolkata

Victoria’s Memorial Hall :

A huge monument built with white marble, built in the heart of the city. A beautiful peaceful place to visit with gardens and greenery all around its beauty can be admired with greenery in the day and beautiful lightings at the night.

Howrah Bridge :

It is the iconic landmark of Kolkata, built on river Hooghly. It is among the largest cantilever bridges in the world. The beauty of the bridge however comes alive at the night when the whole bridge gets lighted up.

Indian Museum :

Indian Museum is the oldest museum in India and is the global orient. The building comprises of the art zoology geology archeological sections and may more. It depicts the cultural history of the prehistoric time to Muslim time.

Dakshineswar Temple :

Located 20km north to the central park of Kolkata, it is the gem of Kolkata, one of the beautiful temples in India dedicated to goddess kali. You’ll get to enjoy short ferry rides at the Ganges and the beautiful scenery and statues.

Few More Attractions In Kolkata

Kalighat :

A popular religious attraction in Kolkata, kalighat kali temple is considered as one of the 52 Shakti peethas. It is said to be the site where the toes of the right foot of sati fell. The temple is located in south Kolkata.