Places to see and things to do In Khajuraho, Orchha And Nearby Place

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Top Attractions In Khajuraho

In this travel diary, I will take you to a journey of self-actualization with Madhya Pradesh’s hero Khajuraho. The king of monuments, temples (for both Hindu and Jain followers) and holy architecture with carved history depicting every single story as it can. For people who always considered Varanasi, Mathura as the place to feel enchanted have to think about some other important place to reconcile their emotions with the nature and that can happen with the place of temples i.e. The Khajuraho. It is so important that is even considered as UNSECO’S world heritage site.

From Lakshmana temple built somewhat around in 945 AD to Pratapeswar temple built around 200 years ago, it has got a total of 85 temples. one of which i.e. Khajuraho templelord Shiva is worshipped.

It is an obvious fact that this place in Chhatarpur district is all required to make anyone say wow but today it we need to know when is the best time to visit this lovely holy spiritual place. Well, in winter season it is best told to visit from October to February and in summer season it is, from March to June.
For knowledge lovers, Khajuraho also holds some insightful museums for you,

Dhubela Museum :

Built in the 7th century, this temple is said to be the most important attraction in Bodhgaya. It is also called the “Great Awakening Temple” as Gautama Buddha is said to have attained the “awakening” here. The temple spreads over an area of 4.8 hectares and is 55 meters tall. It is an enriching experience to visit the temple and get enchanted in the peace and silence.

Jain Museum :

This museum has ancient collection of statues which can make you surprised by the rich culture and heritage that Khajuraho is holding for all of us.

Shramdaan :

A unique and astonishingly designed store that can capture several hearts as it unravels the traditional heritage of culture and beautifully hand written wall patterns.

Top Attractions In Orchha

King Rudra Pratap’s wonderOrchha, a town present in Niwari district, is Madhya Pradesh’s exquisite queen of showcasing its culture in the form of early India.

Jahangir Mahal :

It is considered to be a singularly beautiful specimen of Mughal architecture. A point worth mentioning here is that the mother for Jahangir was also a Rajput, Jodha. It is with this in mind that the Rajput king of Orchha had built the Jahangir Mahal.There is a spectacular light and sound show in the evening hours in the Jahangir Mahal. The show basically lets us know about the history of the city Orchha and the Jahangir mahal.



The Satpura ki Rani or better known as panchmarhi is a eye locking destination present in the Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh. Its is also listed in UNESCO BIOSPHERE RESERVE FOR ITS FLORA AND FAUNA. It has a several sites for calming and relaxing mind which consist of the waterfalls among which is Rajat Pratap, (India’s highest waterfalls) and the national parks.

Legend says that the 5 Pandava brothers had visited Pachmarhi during their exile. They excavated '5', means 'Pach' in Hindi, 'caves', which means 'marhi', for their shelter. As per the epic Mahabharata, the Pandavas were forced into exile on losing everything in a game of dice with the Kauravas. The Pandavas were to spend a year in anonymity as a part of their exile. Agreeing to these terms, the Pandavas set out. While passing through Pachmarhi, they excavated 5 caves in the sandstone hills for their shelter. These caves are still in existence and have gained popularity as a major tourist spot. But most geologists say that these caves must have been in existence even before the Mahabharata era.
For people planning to travel this exotic hill station can take