The Paradise on Earth

A place where nature and its beauty can be seen at its best, a peaceful place pleasing to the senses and mind aesthetically, a place worth visiting for a lifelong delightful experience. Yes, I am talking about Kashmir.

Kashmir is the northernmost region of India and a part of the union territory Jammu and Kashmir. It is a valley situated in the between the bounties of The great Himalayas and Pir Panjal range of mountains.

The place has got a variety of eye shattering sites including those of lakes and rivers like Indus Jhelum, Chenab,Ravi and Manasbal and Dal lake watered by glaciers, mountains gushing with white snow, farms of red saffron and blooming flowers. A day out in the beautiful valleys and landscape of Kashmir is what most people crave for.

Kashmir is a gem when it comes to culture and cuisine. Mouth watering dishes like Rogan josh which is lamb based dish , Yakhni , a yogurt based mutton gravy and many more dishes like Shah Deg, Aab Gosh, Mujh Gaad are something that leave your taste buds crave for more. When it comes to hospitality, Kashmir can be a tour worth it. Here are some places you cannot dare to miss to experience the bounties of nature in Kashmir:

Top Attractions In Kashmir

Srinagar :

Srinagar is the capital of jammu and Kashmir and a popular hill station is definitely the most beautiful city ever. It has beautiful terrain of lakes like Dal lake named The Lake Of Flowers or Srinagar’s jewel with floating house boats, Manasbal lake , Pari mahal, Shalimar gardens, Shankaracgarya temple, Hari parbat

Amarnath Temple :

It is considered to be one of the holiest shrines in Hinduism.It is a cave surrounded by snowy mountains and this holy place is visited by thousands of devotees throughout the year.

Verinag Spring and Mughal Garden :

It is famous tourist spot known as Gateway of Kashmir. It has an overwhelming view of the rive Jhelum alongwith greenery in the surroundings and mountains in the background. Built in Mughal style architecture, this garden is a hub of a number of bird species.

Martand Sun Temple :

This is a temple dedicated to the worship of the lord Surya (the sun god).The beautiful temple was destroyed during the rule of Sikandar Butshikan. It’s remains are astonishing example of Kasmiri architecture.

Gulmarg :

It is a hill station popular for fun adventures like skiing and is called the “Heartland of winter sports in India”. Also it was rated as Asia’s seventh best ski destination. Activities like skiing, tobogganing, snowboarding are enjoyed in this beautiful uphill covered with snow.

Betaab Valley:

The fun fact about its name is that it came from a Bollywood movie-Betaab starring Sunny Deol. The lush green valley has a network of dense vegetation. It is generally preferred for camping by tourists and travelers and a drink in such valley feels like a trip to heaven.

Few More Attractions In Kashmir

Pahalgam :

It is a tourist town that attracts thousands of travelers each year from all over the world due to its satisfying beauty. The region holds a rich amount of vegetation, forests and many rare and endangered species. It is the best place for people who enjoy wildlife and would want to experience it from no distance.Also, Kolhoi Glacier is a place of ineterst that is worth seeing in this hill station.

Kargill :

Kargil is a town in district of Ladakh consisting of Mulbekh monastery which is a 9meter tall idol of Buddha embarked on rocks. There also exists a drass war memorial which is an amazing place o visit to boost up patriarchic nationalism maintained by Indin army containing 100 flagpoles.

Leh Ladakh :

Leh Ladakh is a heavenly experience as quoted by the travelers been there. This is a place that feels like attainment of nirvana. The side lakes, the snow-capped mountains, green land and a vast clear sky are the most preferred travel destinations for a number of people when it comes to hill stations. Any region of this place makes to you feel calm and full of delight.

Things Not To Miss Out For An Amazing Trip


    Spending a night night in the houseboats is something you cannot afford to miss during a stay at this beautiful place. Be it a fun and peaceful night spent with you family or a romantic candle lght dinner night with your loved one, this experience can make you go wow. It feels like a floating castle when you are around blue waters , below the blue sky and in the lap of nature.


    An exciting activity is riding the gondola cable cars for seeing the best of the views of snowy mountains.


    Some of the very famous shopping articles of Kashmir includes wood carving, shawls, woolen clothes, sweets, dry fruits, saffron, jewellery etc.


Kashmir is a wonderful idea for a visit, especially for those wishing to experience teeth chattering temperatures and snow for the first time and for the ones who want to see the work of art of god in the form of heavenly nature.