Places To See And Things To Do In Jodhpur

Welcome to the Sun City of India, where Mehrangarh Fort stands tall and high where the eyes consumes an extravaganza of soothing colors, where you can’t stop yourself drooling over food and the symphonies are just an apple pie cake to your ears.

Top Attractions In Jodhpur

Mehrangarh Fort :

The first thing you would not at all want miss is the, Mehrangarh Fort which stands unconquered for over 550 years and portrays the glory of the city 400 feet above it.

  • A tour around the fort with a guide is a must.
  • The view of the city from the palace is to die for, kilometers of blue and white houses and green fields merging with the blue sky while the mild breeze kisses you.

  • Jaswant Thada :

    The snowy-white marble building, built in the honor of Maharaja Jaswant Singh II, having beautifully carved domes. It’s a peaceful spot which welcomes all to get away from the city atmosphere. It also have some mind blowing jalis (carved-marble lattice screens) and the palace is decorated with portraits of Rathore rulers.

    Clock Tower And old City Market Jodhpur :

    Nobodies trip to Jodhpur is successful if they do not visit the Old City and one of the most prominent place to go is the Clock Tower and the Sardar market alongside it. It is a chaotic but an alluring blend of colors of Rajasthan and a market which showcases the beautiful artistry of Jodhpur with more than 7000 shops to sell them.

    Kaylana Lake Jodhpur :

    This lake is an artificial lake built in 1872, this lake symbolizes the shier determination and the intelligence of Indian rulers and people. It is home to a large variety of birds and is a paradise for bird watchers.
    You could also take a boat for sailing in the river and this place could be the place from where you can get most beautiful photographs and add to your collection.

    Places To Visit Near Jodhpur

    Pali : The city of Pali is home to many temples, stepwells and beautiful gardens. This cit is famouse for the shrine of a deity in a motorcycle form. There is a saying that visiting there makes your trip safe.

    Osian : Oasis boasts of Hindu and Jain temples, which consists of erotic sculptures, back in ancient times, it was also a prominent trading site for silk in the region.

    Phalodi : This city is famous for Lal Niwas which is a haveli completely made of red sandstone and its interiors show the richness of India in the past. It is also known as ‘Salt City’ because of the presense of the salt industry.

    Musthave Dishes While In Jodhpur

    Dal Baati : It is eaten with a crispy dow, dipped in a hot and a bit sour tasting gravy and the taste of which explodes in the mouth giving a spicy after effect and it tastes best witch green chili chutney.

    Gatte Ki Sabzi : It is gram based dish dipped in a spicy curd gravy which makes it irresistible and it tastes best with roti and plain rice.