Places To See And Things To Do In Jaipur

“JAIPUR”, also known as the pink city is also the largest city of Rajasthan. It is one of the earliest planned city which is splendid with great structural monuments and a diverse history. Attracting not only foreign but also Indian travelers. Founded by the Rajput dynasty it is one of the best heritage sites of India. Located near the desert of Rajasthan makes its climate adverse in all conditions, whether summer or winter. It is also the home to various UNESCO heritage sites. Talking about food it has a vast variety of food, from sweet to spicy this city has its own flavors and tastes.

Top Attractions In Jaipur


The Amer fort built on the top of hill is a magnificent place forming a beautiful reflection in the Maotha lake. Located 11km from the city center it is one of the most wonderful structure with maze like passages. This fort served a residence for the Rajput leaders in late 1500. Light and sound shows are also held every evening in this fort which attracts tourists.


This is the most famous and splendid palace of Jaipur. Which is located just 4km from the city center. This palace consists of various courtyards and gardens which make this palace look truly amazing this palace also contains a museum which contains the royal handcrafted stuff from the early 1600.


It is a wonderful structure situated 1km from the city center which is unique in its own way. It is made out of many small windows and doors which was used for the cooling of the palace. This Hawa Mahal was much useful in the mid summers for the ventilation in the palace. The Hawa Mahal has every floor which is uniquely decorated acc. to the maharajas orders.


Situated near the city palace this place is the largest stone made astronomical object. Listing to its use and values it is also named in the UNESCO world heritage sites. This huge structure was used by astronomers to know about the location of the heavenly bodies. This historical structure also defies the laws of physics and tells about the correct astronomical values.


It is one of the most beautiful historical places which speak about the rich and ancient history of the city. Embellished with wonderful carvings and beautiful artwork, this fort is the soul of Jaipur. With this fort a biological park is also situated in here which is a home to various wildlife animals like tigers, elephants, etc.


Located in Ram Nivas garden this museum is the oldest museum of Rajasthan which consists of concert halls and gardens which is a wonderful attraction to tourists. The galleries of this museum consists of various historical objects which were a part of great history.


Things To Do In Jaipur

With the historical city this is a city of most adventurous activities going around. The food, culture, people and the environment play a huge role in making this city a UNESCO site. The people play a most important part as a city is recognized by its people and the people of this city are very friendly and welcoming.

ATV RIDE : ATVs are the attraction for youth now a days and ATVs are available for desert rides which start at a minimalistic cost making tour more adventurous and fun.

CAMEL SAFARI : Apart from the ATVs there are camel rides also available which are more fun loving who do not like speed.

TREK TO BHUTESHWAR NATH: It is a wonderful as well as a tiring trek which is made for people who are fun loving and adventurous. This trek involves camping at the top pf BhuteshwarNath and involves food and stay facilities. The trek involves routes through forest, rocky paths and dried river beads.

SAFARI IN JAIPUR: This is a wildlife sanctuary located in the city of Jaipur for the sole purpose of leopard conservation. Tourists can move in the sanctuary in jeeps provided by the department and can be rented as well.

Food In Jaipur

Jaipur is known for its expertise in food and beverages. This is the most important part of this heritage city that people come from far places to visit the city.

GOLGAPPAS : This is the street food India is mad for. This food can be found on every corner of the road. Especially Jaipur is expert in making their golgappas different from other cities mixed with various herbs.

PYAZ KACHORI : Pyaz Kachori is the one which people of Rajasthan cannot resist. This is one of the most awesome high calorie dish with utmost taste.