Places To See And Things To Do In Haridwar And Rishikesh

Beautiful landscapes, serene background, peaceful evenings and traffic free environment attract you? Then Haridwar and Rishikesh is the place for you. The abundance of holy cities in India is not a hidden fact and Haridwar and Rishikeshcome in a close second to Banaras when it comes to visiting holy cities in India. Haridwar literally mean the ‘Gateway of God’ as Hari translates to God and Dwar to Gate and Rishikeshis renowned as a center for studying yoga and meditation. So all yoga junkies, this might be the abode in heaven for you!Set in the serene backdrops of North Indian state Uttarakhand, visiting these two cities would make one fall in love with the mystique and spiritual environment this place offers. People of India are known to be warm and very hospitable and this does not rule out HaridwarRishikesh as any exception. The people in these cities would treat you like you’re their own and will definitely leave you awe inspired.

Haridwar and Rishikesh are two of the oldest living cities in India and offer a plethora of places to visit, so let’s dive into them.

Top Attractions In Haridwar And Rishikesh

Har Ki Pauri Ghat :

Har ki Pauri is the largest ghat in Haridwar and is said to have been visited by Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu and footprints of the same can be seen on a wall. It is said to be built by King Vikramaditya in the 1st century BC. It is the precise spot where the Ganges leaves the Himalayas and enters the plains. With a lot of temples at the river bank, offerings are made with lighted candles and diyas floating across the river. The chanting of mantras and prayers creates a tranquil environment around.

Mansa Devi Temple :

Credited as the most famous attraction in Haridwar, Mansa Devi can be visited in a cable car which would provide you with serene and breathtaking views on the way. The temple is known for being the holy abode of Mansa Devi , a form of Shakti. Mansa is regarded as the sister of a serpent named Vasuki. This is walking distance away from HarkiPaudi. Be ready to be amazed by numerous number of sellers selling flowers and fruits and vendors paddling everything from jewellery to music.

Bara Bazar :

Located on the railway road, Bara Bazaar is a famous shopping hotspot in Haridwar. Since you are in a religious city, you will find several pooja items in the market. You can also buy handicraft articles as souvenirs. Other things that you can find in Bara Bazaar are churan and Rudraksha seeds. You can also buy delectable milk sweets at this place. So be ready to load your bags with souvenirs for you and your friends and family.

Bhimgoda Kund :

Having historical importance, the Bhimgoda Kund is situated about 1 km from HarkiPauri. Legend has it that while proceeding to the Himalaya, the Pandavas stopped by to drink the water here in Haridwar, and Bhimgoda Kund is the place where Bhima drew water from the rocks by thrusting his knee. It is a major attraction in Haridwar and is visited by many people all through the year.

Few More Attractions In Haridwar And Rishikesh

Laxman Jhula & Ram Jhula :

Laxman and Ram Jhula are the 450 feet long iron suspended bridges that are a highlight of Rishikesh. Located 4 km from Rishikesh railway station, these architectural wonders are significant pilgrimage spots and find their name in the best places to visit in Rishikesh. Visit these bridges and revel in their beauty and then pay a visit to Ram temple, Trayambakeshwar temple, and Laxman temple which are situated in close proximity, and are among the famous places in Rishikesh.

Triveni Ghat :

Situated alongside Ganga, the TriveniGhat is one of the popular tourist places in Rishikesh. On visiting the ghat, you will see numerous pilgrims bathing in the waters. At this very ghat, the confluence of Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati takes place.During the evening aarti, you feel a spiritual aura all around the place which transports you to a different place altogether and the aura is such, you wouldn’t want to leave the place at all!

Adventure Trails :

All the adventure junkies, where you at? Rishikesh offers you with tremendous number of activites you can do to let out that child in you. From river rafting, camping, bungee jumping, climb fox to hot air ballooning, giant swing, trekking, cliff jumping and a lot more, it the best place where one could immerse themselves in fun and frolic.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ashram :

Since the arrival of the famous British band BEATLES here in the 60’s, this place has garnered a lot of tourist attraction and acclaim and is one the best places to visit in Rishikesh. The tranquility and serene environment here is loved by the meditation lovers and they should definitely pay a visit here.