Places to See and Thing to Do in Delhi

Although Delhi is the capital of India it is also known for its vibrant architecture which dates back all the way to Mughal era. It also serves as headquarters to one of the India’s biggest bank, Since Delhi also serves as the political capital of India it is no surprise that all the major political parties are situated in Delhi. Food in Delhi is recognized as one of the finest cuisine of Asia.

Top Attractions In Delhi

Chandni Chowk :

If you want to see the real Delhi this is the place where I would go, it still has its own iconic narrow lanes which existed before the independence of India. It is also India’s biggest street market, from ethnic wear to traditional Indian spices you find anything here. While you are enjoying the evening view of chandni chowk don’t forget to visit its timeless Paranthe Wali Gali, which has the world’s largest menu for paranthas.

India Gate :

It is top tourist attraction in Delhi. It contains the names of the brave soldiers who lost their lives fighting during Afghan war. The best time to visit India Gate is in the evening when it is completely lit up and surrounded by magnificent fountains, which also makes it the perfect destination for your inner photographer so don’t forget to take your picture.

Rashtrapati Bhawan :

This big beautiful palace is not just an attractive tourist site but it is home to the president of India, it has over four hundred rooms. Apart from that it is also known for its famous Mughal Garden, which is open for visitors only once a year.

Jama Masjid :

It is the largest Islamic mosque in the city constructed in Mughal era. It is designed to hold people up totwenty-five thousand. Best time to visit Jama Masjid is during Friday prayers. After enjoying the breathtaking view of the people offering their prayers don’t forget to enjoy the Mughlai food available near masjid.

Connaught Place :

If you think Delhi is only full of monuments and architecture you would be making a very big mistake on your part, and therefore you need to visit the official party hub of India Connaught Place. Known for its shopping centers it is also famous for its nightlife, and if you looking to dance all night then you should definitely visit Lord of the rings and Junk yard café.

Raj Ghat :

Raj Ghat is the memorial to one of the India’s most influential freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens and the eternal flame which symbolizes the teachings of the great freedom fighter.

Few More Attractions In Delhi

Jantar Mantar :

It literally translates to Maze – puzzle is an open air observation site which contains various scientific instruments used to measure the various astronomical cycles which dates back to the Vedic age. Every minute you spend here is devoted to solve its puzzles which makes the destination more fun and adventurous.

Kunzum Travel Café :

Situated in iconic Hauz Khas Village Kunzum Travel café is the only travel café of Delhi which caters mostly to the travelers. It allows to stay as long as wish to stay and pay as you wish. It is the best meet up spot in the capital for all your travel mates and you might also find new travel partners so don’t forget to recharge yourself with a cup of coffee.

Flower Market :

Situated in Ghazipur it is the largest flower market in all of Asia. It opens for business early four o clock in the morning. Flowers from various countries such as Holland,china, Thailand are available which are sold by more than hundred vendors. The streets of flower market are filled with wide variety of beautiful flowers which makes it an ideal destination for photographers and filmmakers.

Parliament House :

Ever wondered who makes the majority of decisions in the world’s largest democracy, the parliament house is the home of the Indian parliament. Many visitors just enjoy it from the outside,but only few get to go inside. If you want to witness the political game of India don’t forget to register yourself for a live session of the parliament house, the registrations can be easily done online.

Garden of Five Senses :

If you are an introvert or someone who love to take a calm walk in nature or someone who loves to draw the nature and the beautiful flowers around you then the Garden of five senses is the best spot you will ever find in Delhi. Located in saidulajab village of south Delhi, the garden derives its name from the five theme parks which are Mughal garden, solar energy garden, Herb garden and pools of water lilies. The garden also hosts various tourism festivals and food festivals and much more.

Bangla Sahib :

A visit to Bangla Sahib is one of the best experience of your life.Sikh groups play music and religious songs, in the afternoon the langar is prepared for the devotees which is enjoyed by everyone. This was our way of telling you how great this city is, but this is not the only things and places you will enjoy in Delhi, there are certainly lot more which cannot be captured in blog post.