Places To See And Things To Do In Darjeeling

Everyone now a days is busy and tired of the 9 to 9 stressful life, and seeing their friends travel to various places makes them feel depressed and not only affects us mentally but also becomes one of the major hindrance in our daily work life. To save you from getting into this depressed phase we have planned a perfect trip just for you. But wait! before telling you the name of the place, have you ever had a dream of witnessing the rays of sun touching peaks of Kangchenjunga or being in a train between the beautiful peaks of the Himalayas and also have fun of trekking, river rafting and much more.

Finding it difficult to believe? well everyone has the same question like how is all of that at one place? Or is it even real?

Well then I guess u have never been to Darjeeling, because Darjeeling is that stress buster you are finding right now. Once you see the places it has to offer you will feel relaxed and just imagine if only by seeing them in pictures you are feeling this way then how great your body and mind would feel if you actually witness all the places in person.

I guess by now you would have been eager to know what more is there so without wasting any time lets dive into the various places Darjeeling has ready especially for you.

Top Attractions In Darjeeling

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway :

The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway also referred to as the DHR, and also called Darjeeling toy train in a loving way. The toy train is 88kilometre long. The train passes through many villages, hills, local shops, and you will also get to witness many school children waving at you as you will also get to see many school areas. This would be one of the experience you will cherish and enjoy happily.

Tiger Hills :

Remember I told you about the first ray of sunlight touching the peak of Kangchenjunga. Well Tiger Hills is all about that, you will not only witness the peak of Kangchenjunga but also the amazing view of the Everest, you can also see many rivers flowing and all this would not only get a special start of the day but would also enlighten your mood.

Darjeeling Ropeway :

Well at first you would think how can a ropeway be so special. Well Darjeeling ropeway established in 1968 is the India’s first cable car system not only this the ropeway is structured in this manner that you would be able to witness snow-capped mountains, beautiful vast lands and many beautiful rivers which makes it one of the most important attractions in Darjeeling.

Singalila National Park :

Located in the Singalila Range, 7000 feet above sea level, Singalila National Park is the highest national park in West Bengal, also famous for trekking and is also one of the popular attractions because tourists not only get to see the various animals and beautiful trees but also have a very amazing jungle experience.

River Rafting In Teesta :

One of the most exciting thing to do in Darjeeling is to go white water rafting. People, also one of the most loved activities among all the adventure people out there.

Tea Plantations Darjeeling :

This is one of the most amazing thing is the Tea Plantations. In Darjeeling there are over 80 tea plantations spread all over the slopes and various beautiful valleys. The famous “Happy Valley Tea Estate” is the only tea plantation that allows tourist to come and visit their plant and to see their production process, for all the tea lovers out there this place is a must visit for them.

Few More Attractions In Darjeeling

Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoology Park :

If you are not able to see all the animals in your time of visit, well The Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoology Park has got you covered as it offers a wide variety of animals for you. It is famous for its breeding centers and conservation programs.

It also serves as the central hub for Central Zoo Authority Of India’s Red Panda Program.

Monastries In Darjeeling :

In order to really feel and experience the place you must visit the monasteries that are spread across the city and among them the most famous is the Ghoom Monastery thewalls of the monastery are Painted with different images of bodhisattvas. These paintings are in a manner that provide ease of understanding to the reader.

Tinchuley :

Tinchuley situated 32 kilometers from Darjeeling, close to west Bengal and Sikkim border while in Tinchuley people have a quiet and peaceful environment and also people staying there tend to get involved in activities like trekking, sightseeing, rock climbing. It is a spiritual place where people come for peace of mind and heart.

Darjeeling Observatory Hill :

Like other hill stations Darjeeling also has a mall road and in that place is the famous Darjeeling Observatory Hill. The hill hosts the famous Mahakal temple and the original shrine of Bhutan Busty monastery making the place of religious significance for many Hindus and Buddhists alike.

All this activity will not only make you feel energetic but also will help you relieve stress and the memories that you will create will be everlasting in your hearts and you will always feel great for the decision you had made to select your Darjeeling trip as a vacation.

After the trip I can guarantee you, you will have enough photos for your Social media profile to make others notice all the beautiful places you visited.