Bhopal - The city of Lakes

Exuberance at its zenith and a feeling of novelty in the air epitomizes the essence of Bhopal and the tremendous virtue it endorses. This beautiful city of Nawabs had its inception in the eighteenth century and still cherishes its heritage.

Top Attractions In Bhopal

The Upper Lake :

The city has been fragmented into several awe-inspiring destinations one of which is The Upper Lake. A visit to this respected lake will definitely revitalize your energy as it is a frivolous combination of a cruise ride as well as a boat club. The beauty of this lake has been proliferated by the addition of a Hanging bridge and hence has been marked as a must to visit spot by the tourists.

Taj-ul-Masajid :

When it comes to the embodiment of rich heritage this place is second to none. Endorsing this fact is the Taj-ul-Masajid, the largest mosque in India and is also considered amongst the largest mosques in the entire Asian continent. This humongous piece of art is known for its exorbitant exquisiteness and is considered to be one of the most peaceful place in the entire city.

Shaukat Mahal :

A beautiful piece of art depicting the conflation of Indo-Islamic and European style of art holds its forte in the city of Bhopal. This piece of architecture holds tremendous virtue and is considered to be one of the most gorgeously significant structure in the entire city.

Van Vihar National Park :

Everyone loves an adventurous safari ride full of enthusiasm and adrenaline rush. The Van Vihar National Park provides you with the same exhilarating experience. Enriched with a wide variety of flora and fauna this national park is a dream destination for animal lovers. Utmost importance and care is given to the animals living in this beautiful place and are also provided with their natural habitat for a congenial environment.

Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya :

Not just heritage and beautiful lakes, this city is also famous for its anthropological museum known as IGRMS. This museum beautifully articulates the story of human evolution and is also considered to be the only museum that brandishes painted rock shelters with a fine postcolonial enhancement. It is a must to visit destination for philosophers and history enthusiasts.

Bhimbetka Rock Shelters :

Further consolidating the rich diversity of Bhopal are the Bhimbetka Rock Shelters. A beautiful archaeological site with a diverse historical significance is what attracts tourist to this beautiful place and leaves an ineffaceable memory in their mind. The attractiveness of this site is enhanced by the beautiful paintings embedded on the rocks which make this place a dream destination for not only history enthusiasts but also veteran and upcoming artists.

Few More Attractions In Bhopal

Birla Museum :

Another historically significant place which is considered to the best spot to reminisce the pre historical era of Madhya Pradesh. The major objects of attraction in this museum are the objects used by the Neolithic and Paleolithic man. This place is a must to visit destination when it comes to the rumination of the pre historical era.

Gohar Mahal :

Adding its name to one of the most gorgeous places in Bhopal is Gohar Mahal. This exquisite building holds tremendous virtue of being built by the first woman ruler of Bhopal and holds its spot of being one of the most popular places to be visited by the tourists.

Lower Lake :

Another exquisite combination of jaw dropping scenery and peace stimulating environment, Lower lake is considered to be one of the most popular tourist’s destination. The lake also holds historical significance as it was built in 1794 to commemorate the exuberance and gorgeousness of the city.

Bharat Bhavan :

This multi facility autonomous structure was built to ensure the depiction and proper contemplation of the verbal, visual and performing arts. The structure in itself is a marvelous piece of work and is quite discernible from the shores of the exquisite Upper Lake.

Jama Masjid :

This insanely popular tourist destination is another factor that makes Bhopal’s heritage an insanely rich one. Also known by the popular epithet “Crown among Mosques”this piece of art boosts its magnificent structure highlighting the classic Islamic style. Bhopal is also famous for its shopping district so it gets only better, after a tiring day you can reciprocate all your stress in the amazingly diversified shops by brandishing your desires and acquiring your preferred items.