Places to See and Things to do in Bangalore

Experience Bangalore,Bangalore is the capital of the state of Karnataka. It is previously known as Bendakaluru . As a city it was founded by Kempe Godwa .This city is often reffered to silicon valley of india . This is the IT HUB and is home to all major indian software companies.And it is located in the Deccan platue.It lies in the southeastern part of Karnataka,in the heart of the mysore platue.

Top Attractions In Bangalore

Bangalore Palace :

The majestic Bangalore palaceis enclosed by beautiful gardens.it is the most famous tourist attraction in Bangalore that will take you to your dreamland.Now it is owned by the mysore royal family.

The palkace reflects the tudor style of archietecture,it spread over an area of 454 acres.many physical elements are imported from England...

Cubbon Park :

The park is a majoir sightseeing attraction with 300 acres of Greenland.it was laid down by lord cubbon.it is an ideal place for nature lovers and for those who seeking a calm atmostphere.

The most important thing of this park is that it is consist of the Bangalore aquarium.i.e;the Bangalore aquarium is also situated in this park...

M.G Road :

Mg road is the most popular shopping and entertainment hub of Bangalore.swarming with people at almost all the time.shopping in around the mg road can be a delightful experience for all the tourists. You can look through a collection of accessories, footware and jwellery, antiques, handlooms and toys which can be a wonderful gifts for the loved ones.

Foodies will be spoiled for choice in mg road...

Lal Bagh :

This botanical garden is a heaven for all nature lovers.it was commissioned by hyder ali in 1760 and is completed by tipu sultan.it covers nearly 240acres of land. The features of the lal bagh are: plants of French,Persian and afghani origin and has attained status of Goverment botanical garden.the lal bagh rock which is over 3000 million years old is founded here and is a major tourist attraction.

Few More Attractions In Bangalore

Iskon Temple :

Apart from a religious temple,ISKON is a cultural complex accommodation dedicated to sri sri radhakrishna,sri sri Krishna balram,sri sri nitai gauranga,sri sri niwasa govinda,sri sriniwasa govinda,sri sri prahl;ad narsimha. Iskon temple is the part of the charitable society with a aim of propagating Krishna’s conciousnessthrough the teaching of the bhagwad gita.the society was registered in the year 1978...

Nandi Hills :

This is a set of breathtaking hills which is a complete nature retreat. From cycling and paragliding into the stunning atmostphere there is a yogandeeshwara temple that sits atop the hill with a huge nandi statue. Hordes of monkeys will accompany you throughout the trek to nandi hills. The best time to visit nandi hills is October to march .

You can visit anytime to nandi hills from 06:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Snow City :

It is the indoor snow park that attracts tourists the most .the tourists who want to see the virtual snow can visit snowcity,it will be a place full of happiness and pleasure for children and adults both.the freezing halls offers a number of crazy slides and rides with skiing and rock climbing activities.
It is the first theme park in banglore which is open 365 days maintaining a temperature of minus 5 degree celcius.you can visit anytime to snow city in between 10:00 am to 08:30 pm.