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India is one of the world’s largest and oldest civilisations; who doesn’t know about the Indus valley civilization and Harappa civilization? Almost everyone, these old civilisations prove the very base of our nation and its history and yoga is one prove of its thousands of year old past. A five thousand year old history of civilisation is now grown into a massive land with all the developing resources to prove itself a huge name among the countries of the world. The snow covered mountains, monuments, palaces, forts, sparkling rivers, the lush greenery valleys and backwaters have made India one of the best-looking nations in the world with the topping of cultural and traditional values.

India is also known for its varied ecosystem, its home to a variety of flora and fauna that has made this nation a happy place of stay to a lot of natural parks, wildlife sanctuaries, bird sanctuaries stretching itself from north to south and east to west.The land of god has now proven itself to be one of the biggest tourist stoppage destinations not just for its pilgrimage visits but also the white and beautiful snowy mountains, the green hills, monuments, beaches, forts, palaces, waterfalls, flora, fauna, churches, mosques, museums and these are just a few to mention.

India is also a nation of different origins and religions, which gives its tourism a boost with the diversified culture, values, tradition, cuisine, languages, believes and backgrounds. India being a secular country has proven its mixture of ideologies, believes and culture to be the most attractive thing dwelling in the land.

Who does not love colours and vibrancy? but the people of India are one of the most colourful and vibrant people in the world that signifies itself in the fairs and festivals of the nation, from Holi to Diwali or the cultural and literary fests organised by the governments all of the above have a pinch of vibrancy in them proving them to be indianite. Not forgetting about the true popularity of India, that is its spicy and tasty food, one must not forget to taste the diverse cuisines of the vast country and take their tongue to a roller- coaster ride.


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